Sports Memorabilia - ruined my father's day gift


I purchased a signed baseball bat from this business for a Father's Day present. I ordered it on line and they had the option of including a gift card, which I filled out.

Well, they sent the bat, WITHOUT the gift card and included promotional material trying to sell other things. My father had no idea what it was. He thought he had to pay for this bat. When I called the company, they said "Sorry", it wasn't possible to send it with the gift message since it shipped from their supplier and that the supplier wasn't supposed to include promotional materials.

So why did they offer the gift card if it wasn't possible to include it. If I'd known that I would have made sure my Father knew the gift was coming.

These guys ruined the Father's day gift and then didn't offer me a discount or anything to make up for it. incompetent shipping, and BAD, BAD customer service.

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